The 4 C’s:
When picking out your diamonds, you’ll often be told to invest in the highest quality diamond that you can afford. This is some of the most sound advice when it comes to buying diamonds; however, how do you know what makes a diamond high quality? Well, jewelers will reference the Four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. Below is a brief summary of the 4 C’s so you can better understand what you should be looking for in a diamond.


Generally speaking, the whiter the diamond, the rarer and more valuable it is. The best quality diamonds are truly colorless or “white”; where as other diamonds contain traces of yellow or brown in them. The color of a diamond is a result of the composition of elements and the exposure of the diamond received while being created.

The grading scale for diamond color runs from D to Z, with D being a pure, colorless diamond and Z being a yellow diamond. The reason why diamonds that are colorless (D, E, F diamonds being the best) is because diamonds act like prisms; they separate light and display a wide spectrum of colors. Diamonds that display such a wide variety of color are known to be “fiery” where as the diamonds that have color in them have impurities that limit the colors that the diamond can show.


Out of the 4 C’s, cut is probably the most important. The cut of a diamond can directly influence the beauty of the diamond. An ideal cut diamond will be more brilliant and can even make the diamond appear larger. A well cut diamond is the perfect mixture of beauty and value. It is highly recommended that you invest in the best quality cut that you can afford.

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